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The Art of Delivery

When you think of the service or product that you offer, whether you operate your own business or are a professional in Corporate America, what you offer may not be one of a kind but your delivery and personal touch sure can be. Other people may do something similar to what you do but they don’t do it quite like you! Make the effort to make your delivery exceptional. Be unique. Be creative. Most importantly, be of value. Do exactly what you said you would do. Deliver the results you promised to deliver. Create a wow experience. There are 4 ways that your delivery must be mastered. This art must be learned and your career will be better because of it. 

1. The Art of Communication How you communicate matters. Your ability to accurately and colorfully state what you can offer and provide is crucial. The right words will be persuasive, validating, and create a call to action. Your communication with your team, clients, and perspective clients shape your ability to deliver successfully on your product or service.  Phrases you should include in your written and oral communication: • We are known for… • Our proven results are… • We can guarantee… • How can we serve you…

Be able to clearly state your deliverables and results. Your brand message must articulate what you offer without jargon and over-promising. Phrases you should avoid at all times: • Act now… • Last chance… • Your exclusive offer… No one wants to deal with an overzealous salesman type. When you make your offer or service appear so special, limited, and rare, you are in danger of over-promising and nothing kills a delivery like the disappointment that comes with getting less than you expected. 2. The Art of the Pitch You don’t have long to articulate what you can deliver. You may have as little as 30 seconds! People are busy and time rarely stands still for you to give an in-depth pitch that describes all of the ins and outs of your service. Be able to write the bulk of what you deliver in one concise paragraph. Be able to state what you offer in under one minute. Get right to it! Your pitch should: • State who you are looking to serve or work with immediately. • State your value immediately.  • State the next necessary steps. Networking and pitching is taken too lightly by too many professionals. Pitch with a purpose. The delivery of your reputation and offering can only be effective with a solid pitch. Your pitch must be to the point and end with further instructions so that you can build a working relationship. Try ending your pitch with a call to action such as, “Can we hop on a call this week to explore synergies”, or “Can I follow up with you soon to learn how to support your efforts”? Leave nothing to chance make an INTENTIONAL pitch.

3. The Art of Experience  You want those you serve to have a memorable experience with you. Mediocre customer service is not enough. Remember the key to success across almost every industry is retention! How well you deliver your service and product will create a positive client experience. Did you deliver your product or service on time? Were you patient and did you take time to hear and address all of their concerns and needs? Did you follow up to make sure they are pleased? Did you provide a pleasant experience from start to finish? Were you easy to reach? Did you exceed expectations? A positive, genuine, and welcoming experience will boost referrals and maintain your current base all because you delivered a great service in an impactful way. 4. The Ultimate Delivery  Under promise and over deliver… this is the rule for good business for decades. Your word is definitely your bond. Your team, your community, and your clients will base their trust in you first off of what you say, and then off of what you deliver. When your word is backed up with service and a quality product you have earned trust, you have earned credibility, and you have successfully established your brand and or career profile as a leader in your field.  Remember, awesome delivery should be a goal of both business owners and professionals. Either way you are building a reputation and name for yourself. Lastly, remember that the art of good delivery does not just consist of a good product served with a smile. It encompasses, genuine concern, going the extra mile, and effective communication on and offline. Set yourself apart and win all 2020 with a great work ethic and powerful delivery!

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