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Dear Student

Dear Student entering the 2021-2022 school year,

The summer never feels long enough, but this year, following your first full pandemic school year, the summer presented a feeling of freedom that was different than summers past. That freedom is about to wind down, and while we are in a better place than we were last school year, there is still so much uncertainty surrounding what your school day will look like.

Will you need to wear a mask? Can you take your mask off sometimes, but not all the time? Have you received the Covid vaccine, or are you not old enough yet?

However, for a full school year last year, and for almost half of a school year in 2020, you figured it all out. It wasn’t easy, having to switch from in-person learning to virtual learning, and being forced to adjust to missing your friends (whom you normally saw every day). You should be so proud of your accomplishments, and hopefully, you’re looking forward to socializing with fewer restrictions.

With that said, what goals can you set for yourself this year?

To be prepared while still having fun

Your teachers, parents, family members, and guardians are there to help you stay on track with all your assignments, but take the new school year as an opportunity to set yourself up for success. Have your school supplies ready to go ahead of time. Use a planner to write down your homework tasks each night. Encourage working while having fun and set up a time to do homework with your friends after school (while keeping your eyes on your own work, of course!).

To reunite with your friends and encourage each other to be kind

Make a pledge with your friend group. Promise not only to be kind to each other but to show kindness to other students who might be in need. Those students who are in need of kindness will not always ask for it; try to show it anyway. Kindness is the ultimate act of bravery, especially when no one is looking.

To do your best

A simple goal, for sure, but in light of the pandemic circumstances, your best might feel more difficult than it did before our world knew what the Coronavirus was. What steps can you take to ensure you do your best in spite of the circumstances? Complete all assignments, ask an adult to help create a study strategy, ask for extra help from your teachers if you need it, follow directions, and practice new skills which will help you work independently. Everyone’s best is different, but know what to expect from yourself as your best, and strive to not fall short as often as you can.

To share your spirit

Don’t be afraid to show your passion for a particular subject or class, and to help others who might not share the same passion that you do. Cheer loudly for your team. Audition for that role or solo. Create an art project with enthusiasm. Be vocal, be yourself. You never know whom you might inspire in the process.

The 2021-2022 school year has the potential to be truly great. Bounce back from the darkness of the pandemic. Make it yours!



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