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Leadership Development

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 Coaching for new leaders within organizations.

 Recruitment, selection, and onboarding of top talent.

 Internal leadership development and pipeline programs.


Schools & Districts

 Principal, teacher, and central office leadership preparation programs.

 Recruitment, selection, and onboarding of top talent.

 One-on-one coaching for new and struggling principals.

 Coaching for new and struggling teachers.

 The Principal’s Club Mentorship Program


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Executive Performance Coaching on the following key elements:

 Assist the organizational leader as a resource and coach specifically tailored to

organizational goals, objectives, and outcomes.


❖ Establishing key partnerships with stakeholders to drive change.

 Identifying the structures, framework, tools, and resources needed to build capacity across all levels of the


 Leading through a shared mission, collaborative vision, sound and equitable values, and data-driven-oriented


 Examining personal mental models and day-to-day leadership behaviors against a wall of research on

transformational leadership to include: driving for results, action-oriented leadership practices, continual analysis of data, development of and revisions to action plans based on data, driving a team towards results, the ability to challenge organizational norms without losing leadership influence, getting the right people “on the bus”, halting all unsuccessful strategies, and leveraging influence inside and outside of the organization.

Schools and Districts

Executive Performance Coaching as described above and Leadership Assistance in the following areas:

 Healthy transitions, including entry planning, onboarding, and transition team services.

 Central office communication strategies to all audiences, internally and externally, of the school system.

 Comprehensive strategic planning, guiding the direction of the school system or district over a consecutive

period of time.

 Ensuring budgets are aligned to district goals.

 Ensuring a research and accountability framework is evident across the school system, measuring the academic

return on investments made by the system.

 Simple and complex human resources cases from talent acquisition, onboarding, professional development,

evaluation, and exiting.

 School board and superintendent facilitation efforts to ensure an effective relationship between both sides.

 School board development of appropriate superintendent evaluation methods based on goals.

 School board evaluations to ensure governance structures and activity are consistent with best practices.

 The Principal’s Club Mentorship Program

Leadership Coaching & support

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 Assist organizations in developing internal leadership development


and pipeline programs.

 Support organizations (businesses, non-profits, associations) to develop leadership preparation

programs matched with organization goals and targets.

 Provide coaching for new leaders within organizations.

 Cultural analyses and improvement plans including communication, equity, and staff.

Schools and Districts

 Comprehensive needs assessment of all areas, academic and operational, to drive key performance indicators.

 Thorough data analysis of specific targets correlated with school system goals across all departments.

 Development of the school’s continuous improvement plan, including a comprehensive root cause analysis

determining barriers to goal attainment.

 Ensuring curriculum is aligned to instructions and implemented throughout the school system.

 Initiative implementation, including planning for change and ensuring sustainability through support.

 Ensuring instructional technology initiatives are carefully crafted, implemented, and sustainable.

 Creating appropriate blended learning environments based on specific goals.

 Preparing for equity/cultural responsive efforts to ensure appropriate planning, training, and implementation 


 Implementation of a continuous improvement plan, coaching, and monitoring.

 On-boarding of new teachers.

Organizational Improvement

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Organizations & Schools/Districts

 Guidance on the strategic planning process, including the following key elements:

 Consensus on Mission, Vision, and Values;

 Assessment of strengths and weaknesses, opportunities, and risks;

 Identification of external trends, events, and factors;

 Identification of strategic priorities;

 Goals and objectives with measurable time-framed targets; and

 An implementation plan.

 Development and execution of performance management tools to provide clear direction and regular


monitoring and feedback on operational performance, including individual and group performance, team communication, workplace satisfaction, ongoing learning and development, and peer-review surveys.

 Reviews of draft operational documents, policies and procedures, and strategies.

 Contribute to background analyses and recommendations.

 Assistance for a variety of select clients with sales, marketing, or branding strategy to determine how best to

accomplish strategic goals.

Strategic Planning & Advising

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Organizations & Schools/Districts

We have conducted presentations at the international, national, state, and local levels at
conferences, workshops, and in-services on the following topics:

❖ Equity and Access

 Leadership for Equity

 Strategic Leadership

 Strategical Financial Planning

 Collaborative Leadership

 Instructional Leadership

 Closing the Achievement Gap

 A Focus on Regaining the Male Population

 Education and Prison Reform

 Transition Programs

 Diversity in the Workplace

 Work-life Integration


 Goal Setting and Reaching

 Professionalism and Career Advancement

 Talent and Retention

 Establishing a Positive Work Culture


 Overcoming failures

 Minority challenges and support

 Leading in Humility

 Building a Brand

 The Power of Networking

 Talent and Retention




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