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On this 1st day of 2020 I want to encourage you to reflect versus only making resolutions. There is nothing wrong with goal setting but there is so much that can be learned from our wins and failures in 2019. Consider that in order to look clearly into your 2020 future you must have a clear understanding of what happened in your recent past. So, when you are done toasting, dining out, and celebrating the arrival of this new year how you choose, take a moment to pause and reflect.

Reflecting gives us a chance to pause and slow down after the busiest time of the year. Honestly, most professionals feel a sense of pressure and a heavy workload throughout the year; pausing to reflect is not just to welcome the new year, it helps protect your sanity and peace year round! If you don’t know where to start try reflecting on…

How you missed the mark…

If you did not reach your goals this year ask yourself two questions:

1. Do I still want this?

2. What support is missing that is keeping me from reaching my goals?

The first question is important because at all times you must be honest with yourself. Do you still feel passionately about your cause and position? Do you remember your “why”? Is your “why” strong enough? Life is too short to fight for something you no longer believe in. There is never one path to success so if you are done with one venture move on to the next!

If your mind is still centered on your original goal, get into solution mode as you reflect. What support, connection, tool, or investment do you need to thrive? Whatever support is missing write a detailed pitch on what you need and how it relates to your vision and aggressively seek the professional connection or opportunity that can support you. You won’t know until you ask so speak up! Don’t do this alone. Leadership is already lonely. We must discontinue our Superman/woman complex and ask for help.

What you got right…

Reflect on every single win that you had last year. What worked for you? Who were your key players? How can you retain their service to your organization? How can you repeat and expand on that success? Your success was not a fluke, you more than likely had to endure trial and error attempts and failures to reach your success. Document your successful methods. Make it your organization’s standard method of operation so that greatness and your legacy can continue.


Focus on your potential…

Did you get better last year? Are you growing? Are you working to the best of your abilities? Are you the best version of yourself? If you don’t feel like you are on your “A” game what do you need to get there? Would mentors, self help books, more education, classes, courses, networking, etc help? You cannot lead others if you are not putting your best foot forward. Be exceptional. Be limitless. Are there talents and skills you are not using? Reflect on what those skills may be and how you can integrate them into your vision.

Reflecting will make you a better visionary and leader. It will help you de-clutter your mind and organize your ideas. Reflect on your yesterdays for a more promising tomorrow. Happy New Year!

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