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  •  Surviving the Superintendency
  •  Collaborative Leadership
  •  Instructional Leadership
  •  School Improvement
  •  Closing the Achievement Gap
  •  A Focus on Regaining the Male Population 
  •  Succeeding with Struggling Learners
  •  Effective Staff Development
  •  Transition Programs
  •  The Effective Schools Process
  •  Student Mentoring Programs
  •  New Teacher Mentoring
  •  New Administrator Mentoring
  •  21st Century Thinking and Learning
  •  High School Transformation

Presentations have been conducted at the international, national, state, and local levels at conferences, workshops, and in-services on the following topics: 

  •  Equity & Access
  •  Leadership for Equity
  •  Effective School Leadership
  •  Practical Lessons for Aspiring School Leaders
  •  Effective School/Community Relations
  •  The 21st Century Superintendent
  •  Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)
  •  Digital Literacy
  •  Technology in Education
  •  Benchmark Assessments
  •  Lessons Learned through Assessments
  •  Data Analysis for Teachers
  •  Data Analysis for School and Division Leaders
  •  Middle School Transformation and Best Practices
  •  Surviving the Principalship

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