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The Modern Leader

“Leadership is the ability to articulate a vision, to embrace the values of that vision, and nurture an environment where everyone can reach the organizations goals and their own personal needs.”-Leading Today

I love looking at various leadership styles. Leadership is never cookie cutter and I am a firm believer that if you want to be a trusted leader and motivate people versus just flash a fancy title, you will need a customized leadership approach that supports your best strengths and addresses your teams most pressing needs. Find the leadership style that works the best for you and your team. Modern leadership centers on empowerment and inclusion. Leaders who insist on cracking a whip and shouting demands will struggle to earn loyalty, trust, and efficiency. When you only delegate versus participate you stall innovation and creativity and decease your team member’s sense of value and worthiness.

Dated and harsh leadership methods do not work. Let’s look at what today’s top modern leaders have in common.

They Build Up

The goal of the modern leader is creating other leaders. A good leader understands that their best asset is their team. A team cannot grow, thrive, or produce when they don’t have what they need to succeed. Every professional needs:

• Equity- Every tool, opportunity, and support that they personally need to succeed.

• Encouragement and empowerment- Constantly remind them of their value and give them free range to be creative, develop solutions, and be much more than a seat warmer.

• Access to the executive suite- Direct them on a clear path to career advancement and make the executive suite tangible if they have the work ethic to get there.

They Value Mindsets Over Skill sets

I value a strong set of skills like any other leader. However, someone’s willingness to learn and positive and open mindset will move your organization forward in a mighty way. When you are stacking your talent pipeline, look for ambitious professionals who are visionaries and out of the box thinkers.

They Encourage Risk Taking

Don’t always play it safe. Overcoming obstacles will require new methods and solutions. Boldness and calculated leaps of faith will take your organization to the next level. Taking risks will stretch your team’s will to improve, learn, and face challenges head on. If you have several quotas and demands that you are holding them to they may hesitate to try something new. Loosen up and let them know you want their best work and ideas even if it does not work the first time.

They Reward

Modern leaders know that monetary rewards will motivate their team. If your team is going above and beyond their job description reward their loyalty. Higher commissions, more bonuses, paid time off, promotions etc will show them that you value them and wish to retain them long term.

They Work

The modern leader is no longer an absent figure in the workplace. They work. They know the functions of every key player and they are not afraid to do ground work. Their hands on approach makes them tangible and respected. It also makes them knowledgeable because doing the work builds their own experience and understanding.

Whatever your leadership style is or what approach that you take, is totally up to you. But I encourage you to look at leading brands and research their leadership thoughts and styles. Their team’s success is no coincidence. There is a method to their growth. Invest in your people, encourage your people, and work with your people! Dynamic and inclusive work-forces with a very present leader is the key to your organization’s success.



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