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Seeking Challenge for Improvement

One thing that I have always admired about super successful people is their ability to keep progressing. It’s super easy and comfortable to tackle something off of your bucket list or accomplish a long-term goal and call it quits. And while I am a big fan of savoring your success and living in the moment, (we will discuss this more next week) true talent never has an endpoint. The goal is always growth. Doing the same thing over and over is not only boring it puts you- a brilliant leader and professional in a box! But when you seek new challenges you grow wiser and more valuable. Plus, your constant growth and success in new endeavors will directly benefit your colleagues, mentees, and clients. You can challenge and expand yourself in these 4 ways:

Learn a new skill

Sometimes a seasoned professional doesn’t see the value of seeking or training for a new skill. Most professionals have a solid one to two skills that they have monetized and they don’t see an immediate pressing need to develop more. And although you can survive and thrive without developing numerous additional skills, consider this: if your field is competitive and your skill range is limited, you may struggle to advance in your career and out perform your peers. You may be dedicated to your industry and that’s great. Make an initiative to learn something new that will make you standout in your field. And continuing education is always a good option but if that is not the desired route you want to take there are other skill building resources:

Change your Location

Location, location, location. If you are an efficient leader you are already known and respected for your value in your professional circles and communities. Local recognition, successes and recurring business is the dream don’t take it lightly but do conquer new territories. Unless licensing and regulations force you to only work in one city EXPAND! Network in places unfamiliar, market and target clients in various areas, market away from home. It will be a challenge to reintroduce yourself and earn a large group of people’s trust all over again but it is so worth it.

Shadow your Team

If you want to really challenge yourself learn the roles and functions of your team. Not only will it keep you humble because you get a chance to view the work and assignments through the lenses of your colleagues you will also grow wiser in their process and experience the challenges that they face and solve. Shadowing your team a couple of times a year also makes you a better coach to current and future staff and puts you in a better position to help develop more leaders. Seek to answer the following questions:

  • What obstacles does your team regularly face?

  • What level of customer service experiences does your team provide?

  • What is the status of the current work culture?

  • Is equity enforced?

  • Are their work processes the most efficient, using the most timely methods possible?

  • How can they improve?

  • What do they need from you as a leader to support them?

Expose yourself to Diverse Cultures

We know that diverse companies outperform companies who lack diversity. And here is why. When you are inclusive you receive not just diverse people but diverse knowledge and cultural experiences. Perspective is always key. So if you only surround yourself or God forbid only hire the same type of people with the same ethnic backgrounds I challenge you to be inclusive and expose yourself to people who do not share your background. Through exposure to other gifted people and their wide range of experiences and skills you will become an impactful leader.

Challenge is progress. You are better than your last success. There is more in store. Keep pushing. Keep dreaming. Keep challenging yourself resting assured that every challenge makes you sharper and wiser and more of an asset. The more challenges you accept the more opportunities you will be gifted. Challenge builds character!

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