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Be a Creator

You may own a business, desire to own a business, or have your eyes on being an executive at a leading company. Whatever your career goals are being a creator, innovator, and strategic leader will help you reach those goals. Some professionals think that only CEOs and business owners create. Wrong! Smart people are always thinking of ways to fill in empty space. Filling in gaps and identifying what is lacking increases your value to any company or brand. In fact employers, myself included, seek someone who has an entrepreneurial spirit. I know that if a candidate is a natural creator he or she will not require hand holding or micromanagement. I know that they will challenge me and be an active contributor to my team. Creators are fierce competitors in the workforce. A creator succeeds by:

Taking the Initiative

If you want to be a creator work without permission. When something needs to be done creators do not wait for their manager to identify the issue and delegate work that provides a solution. Instead, see the problem and bring your manager or other colleagues your solution and plan of action. Being proactive helps your team tackle issues before they derail you from the unified vision. A creator is not a spectator but an achiever. Put the plan to paper and do the work to see it come into fruition.

Taking Risks

Playing it safe, and completing tasks given to you may keep you employed but it will keep you dis-invited from the leadership table. If your eyes are on joining the executive table abandon the status quo and take risks. Go after the client no one else could get, make a product suggestion or addition that is highly beneficial but not considered the “norm” in your industry. Stand up and be bold when others have quietly backed down. You don’t have to know all of the answers or be able to predict what the outcome will be. Taking a risk only requires that you have vision and logic and are willing to create a strategic plan to reach your goals no matter how big or uncommon they may be.

Offering Tangible Solutions

We have all worked with colleagues that appear busy but accomplish nothing. The ones who have meetings about meetings and lead long conference calls that express ideas that could have been simplified in an email. Busy work is not productive and it is a big time waster which is problematic because time absolutely equates to money. A creator makes a plan and gets started. They produce real, tangible solutions. To offer your team a tangible solution think real time, right now versus long-term. Somethings may be out of your control but there is always something that you can do right now. When you are problem solving always ask yourself: what can I do right now in this moment? The ability to provide real-time solutions is an asset to any company. Create viable solutions!

Being Disruptive

We all have a system we follow. Individuals and companies figure out what works, how to be efficient and they stick to that process. And you as a creator are here to disrupt that process. Business as usual is a mentality that keeps companies from out performing their competitors. Innovators are disruptive. You don’t always have to create the next big product or have a brand new idea to be successful. You can take a product or service that is already loved by many and disrupt the mundane ways we use it. Being disruptive will force you and those you work with out of your comfort zone. It is not safe, there will be mistakes, not everyone will agree with your methods, but you will elevate yourself and the service that your organization offers. Innovation and disruption are intertwined characteristics. A disrupter brings value and earns a seat at the executive suite.

A creator takes joy in seeing smart ideas become powerful realities. A creator is an artist. You create with passion and for you it’s personal; you take ownership in all that you do. As a creator you are limitless because you will always see options and possibilities where others see none. Be bold, be innovative, and be a creator who brings forth solutions and advancements making yourself a true asset, leader, and grand piece of any company.

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