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Leadership Support/ 

Executive Coaching

  • Assist the leader as a resource and coach
  • Assist the leader with a healthy transition, including:
          •  Entry Planning;
          •  Onboarding; and
          •  Transition Team Services

  • Assist central office with communication strategies to all audiences, internally and externally of the school system
  • Assist school systems with comprehensive strategic planning guiding the direction of the system over a consecutive period of time
  • Assist school systems in ensuring budgets are aligned to district goals
  • Assist school systems in ensuring a research and accountability framework is evident across the system measuring the academic return on investments made by the system
  • Assist school systems in simple as well as complex human resources cases from talent acquisition, onboarding, professional development, evaluation, and exiting
  • Assist school boards and superintendents with facilitative efforts to ensure an effective relationship between both sides
  • Assist school boards in developing appropriate superintendent evaluation methods based on goals
  • Assist school boards in conducting board evaluations to ensure governance structures and activity are consistent with best practices

  • Assist the organizational leader as a resource and coach specifically tailored to organizational goals, objectives, and outcomes.